We expect all players to abide by the code of conduct outlined below. Even if a person does not violate the written letter of these policies, that does not mean that they have not violated the intended spirit of these rules. Tournament organizers and other tournament officials reserve the right to use best judgment to enforce the spirit of these policies and procedures. 

Code of Conduct

All event attendees are expected to foster a welcoming and accepting community.  Discrimination based on disability, race, gender, sexual identity, religion, or any other physical, cultural, or social characteristic will not be tolerated.

All event attendees are expected to behave with sportsmanship at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, graciousness in both winning and losing, respect for their opponents, and behaving in a fair, kind, and reasonable manner. Spite plays and kingmaking can be examples of unsportsmanlike behavior and may be subject to disqualification.

Tournament Structure

Tournament Details


Playtest Cards (Proxies)

We understand that most EDH decks require a significant financial investment, often prohibitive for players. Some cards are so expensive that it makes many players uncomfortable to physically play with their authentic cards. Also we target to have a skill-testing event instead of a pay-to-win atmosphere. With this in mind, we decided to let people play as many Proxies as they like. Our goal is to provide the best play experience for the greatest number of players.

Please use the Proxy Richtlinie


Rules Enforcement Level Regular

Regular tournaments are focused on fun and social aspects, not enforcement. Most tournaments are run at this level unless they offer sizeable prizes or invitations. Players are expected to know most of the game rules, may have heard of policy and what is “really bad,” but generally play in a fashion similar to the way they do casually. Players are still responsible for following the rules, but the focus is on education and sportsmanship over technically precise play. Infractions in these tournaments are covered by the Judging at Regular Rules Enforcement Level document, located at

This event will be run using the Multiplayer Supplemental Tournament Rules (MSTR) linked below. This document was created to provide multiplayer rules support to the standard MTR. (The Proxy-Policy does not match these rules.)

Additional: You must play your Permanents in front of your lands.

Magic: the Gathering Rules

Basic & Comprehensive Rules

Commander Rules

Multiplayer Supplemental Tournament Rules


The following cards are banned from the format: